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Fun & Creativity


Children will have the ability to explore creative outlets through art at our centre. Children will be offered a variety of mediums and tools to encourage interest in art, and art activities will be introduced to engage children.


Musical instruments are available for use throughout the centre, and musical playtime (such as listening to music, dancing, etc) will be held to encourage children to explore music.


Physical activity will be encouraged at the centre through outdoor play, and motion activities (like dance). Children will be taught the importance of health, Children’s physical needs will be met through a combination of gross motor physical activity, proper nutrition and rest.


 Children will participate in simple science experiments regulated by the (STEM) curriculum. All children will be encouraged to take part in the different activities to enhance their creative and mathematic skills.

Outside Play

Outdoor play will be scheduled
daily (weather permitting)to allow the children to exercise physically. The nature and duration of play will be dependent on the age of the child and
weather conditions. When it is appropriate, children will take part in outdoor and group recreation activities such as gymnasium activities
and team games.

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